Start Your Own Home Inspection Business

Home inspection is a must have service when a buyer is buying a house or seller is selling a house. This for you as an entrepreneur is an opportunity which says that it is lucrative business to be in, especially with the entire home buying taking place in the country.

Home inspection means that you inspect the building for it’s mechanical and structural conditions and report it out to the customer. You will need to provide him with insights into what might be potentially unworthy part of the building. As a home inspector it is desirable or rather it is essential that you have some sort of experience in construction or structural related fields. If not, then before you try to become a home inspector or hire inspectors for you agency, it would be advisable to have some experience in the related fields.

As an entrepreneur you have several options of starting on your own. You can either start by being a franchisee of a reputed home inspection services or be on your own and start from fresh. Either of the two approaches are good as each has its pros and cons. While being a franchisee has a downside that you will have to share the profits, but yes you will hopefully get some training as well as you will pick some tricks of the trade. Apart from that you will still have to put in effort to make your win clientèle and also build substantial contacts to get referrals.

If you think of going your own way, the only disadvantage you may have is that you will not have reputed name to bank upon, but apart from that your work will be the same, building contacts and good clientèle base. Then it seems the best bet would be to open your own business since you do not need to share the part of the profit with anybody else.

Last but not the least, before you take the plunge please make sure to have some sort of apprenticeship or training with a reputed home inspector of your area as that will help you shorten the learning curve.

The thought of a home inspection can be a bit daunting. Contractors and other inspectors might not always see the big picture when it comes to home improvements.

You need to know if your contractor or other inspector can accurately detect small problems that could lead to major structural failures…

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